Highly Wired™ Humans

Affecting over 1 billion people, 20% of the global population, Highly Wired ™* people have a giftedness that offers a unique perspective and unmatched talent to the world.

Keen Perception

Highly Wired™ employees will notice and take in details and subtleties others miss. This could mean they see a problem coming before others do…or they pick up on an opportunity that no one else sees.

Unique Connections

Highly Wired™ employees are "naturally creative with divergent thinking virtually ingrained in their DNA" which makes them "well-positioned for problem solving in new and novel ways.”


MRI brain scans show that Highly Wired™ people process every-day information in areas of their brains typically reserved for deep processing.


One of the big payoffs to noticing more and thinking about it differently is a heightened level of creativity.

In a study of 1,551 Highly Wired ™ people, 86% strongly agreed/agreed with the statement “I am a creative person.” and 78% with “I prefer work that engages my creative capacities deeply.”

Early Warning

Highly Wired™ employees often connect the dots of a situation sooner and in a broader-reaching fashion, over a longer-term perspective. This means they can anticipate issues with business projects, clients and even team dynamics ahead of others.

Highly Wired People

Estimated by scientist to comprise 15-20% of the human (& animal) population, Highly Wired™ people are already in your company. They have unique perspective and talents that offer a gold mine of ideas, solutions and creativity for your company--a gold mine of intellectual property opportunities.

Are you fully using the talent you already have in place?

* Scientific genetic trait name “Sensory Processing Sensitivity”
Note: research findings and quotes taken from Thrive! by TM Cooper, PhD

Highly Wired™ is a trademark of aha! facilitating