Including Highly Wired employees for competitive advantage

No one knows your business better than you do. And no one knows the capabilities and competitive advantage possibilities that come from your Highly Wired employees better than we do.

The newest entry in the diversity and  inclusivity arena, Highly Wired employees are not well known or understood.

The aha! Facilitating team helps companies identify their Highly Wired talent, helps create strategies around using their Highly Wired employees’ talents to competitive advantage and provides training and coaching to assist organizations in creating a culture that includes Highly Wired employees.


We help companies create a strategic advantage utilizing their Highly Wired employee talent, at all levels, that they already have in place and may be overlooking.

The genetic makeup of Highly Wired employees means their different brain and nervous system wiring allows them to take in detailed and subtle information missed by others and process it more deeply to arrive at uniquely creative solutions and perspectives.

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Research has shown that Highly Wired employees are typically the highest performers in a company and that many Highly Wireds have even more to offer but are limited by the environments where they work.

We leverage your company’s preferred training approach to bring Highly Wired awareness and understanding that will transform your employee experience–Highly Wired and non-Highly Wired alike.

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Every Highly Wired has a unique style and approach that may not be understood or appreciated in your company culture.

Highly Wired employees often have creative, innovative solutions to problems your company is grappling with, and those solutions can be stuck inside your Highly Wired employees who have struggled to be heard and understood.

We provide one-on-one and group coaching to support Highly Wireds in successfully navigating the world that is predominantly run by non-Highly Wireds.

We also provide coaching to management to help support and elicit ideas and talents across the mix of Highly Wired and non-Highly Wired employees.