The aha! facilitating Team

Creating a strategic advantage for your company

Peaked in all aspects of Highly Wired™ employees, the aha! facilitating team brings a wealth of new perspectives and angles to leverage into advantages for your business.

At the same time, each member has over 25 years of broad and varied business background prior to beginning their own consulting work over a decade ago. This combination of talents and perspective is rarely found and makes for enticing conversation & strategies as well as engaging, practical solutions.

Our mission is to create competitive advantages for companies that embrace their Highly Wired™ employee talent and teach pragmatic ways to foster an engaging work environment where both Highly Wired™ and Non-Highly Wired™ employees thrive.


The aha! facilitating team:

Carolyn Casey


Carolyn's passion for all forms of inclusion began as a side interest during her 25-year career in F100 companies (packaged goods brand management and high tech business strategy and communications). Over a decade ago, her passion evolved into her life's work developing and leading workshops, speaking and consulting. Her vision is to take this newly-discovered, unique talent--Highly Wired™ people--to the business world for the benefit of employers and employees alike.

Norena Gutierrez

aha! Facilitator

Norena Gutierrez is a change manager peaked in internal communications and learning and development with over 25 years of experience in high tech, non-profits and medium size businesses. Broad in her perspective, Norena has consulted with non-profits for the marriage equality decision and for improved housing on Native American reservations.

Doug Johnson

aha! Facilitator

Doug has a diverse business background with a breadth of experience across functional roles, companies of all sizes and at various points in the value chain, and multiple industries. A champion of diversity wherever he goes, Doug has had the opportunity to train, coach and mentor a wide range of talented individuals during his career.

Laura Alvarez Schrag

aha! Facilitator

Steeped in Human Resource Management and Leadership Development, with more than 25 years experience, Laura's passion is C-level executive coaching. Laura has worked with large and small companies, the US Federal Government and non-profits creating a wealth of diverse clients and scenarios to draw from.

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